Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pakistan Air Force Airmen Jobs Online Registration

Here is a link and Airmen job advertisement for you where
you register online for the PAF Airmen. When they announced vacancies you can registers online here (started now from 12th September to 17 September. close)
Airmen Online Registration


  1. i want to join pak air form,but don't about it.plz guide me.i am 18 years old.

  2. I want to join pak air force as a GD pilot,but don't know about it much please guaid me about it & the date of rejistration on my g mail id.thankyou.

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  5. There must be age in marks relexation to join paf atleast 55% marks

  6. Every person have a wish to join paf but marks percentage is only 50% so there must be marks rexation