Saturday, September 10, 2011

Yellow Cab Scheme Job Opportunities Punjab Cabinet News

LAHORE: The chief minister rejected the proposal of Housing Department
to allocate Chief Minister’s quota of plots through development authorities. The pace of progress of the Yellow Cab Scheme for the provision of job opportunities to the educated youth also came under consideration in the meeting. 

Addressing the cabinet meeting, the chief minister said that Pakistan was facing a serious energy crisis which was badly affecting industry, trade, agriculture, livestock and other sectors. He said that industrial sector in Punjab was the worst hit by the power crisis. He said that there was a need to take measures to cope with the energy crisis and that, after the granting of powers to the provinces by the Council of Common Interests to initiate energy projects, the provincial government had to complete power generation projects expeditiously.

He said that there was scope for power generation through coal, bagasse, hydel, solar and wind and that the Punjab government was working on various projects of energy production through alternative sources. He said that besides working on projects of power generation, a solid strategy had also been adopted for energy conservation in the province and that its implementation would result in conservation of up to 30 percent energy during the next two years. 

He said that a programme had also been evolved to launch pilot projects of solar energy in the offices of commissioners, district coordination offices and other government departments. He said that strategy had been made for the generation of 3000MW power through implementation of various projects during the next three years which include.

He directed that a survey of schools and rural and basic health centres be conducted in backward and remote areas which are facing energy problems and a strategy be evolved for the use of solar energy in such schools and health centres and that a comprehensive plan be presented to him in the next cabinet meeting.

Expressing his views on the briefing given with regard to Yellow Cab Scheme, the chief minister said that this scheme was a revolutionary project by the Punjab government which would not only result in the generation of job opportunities but would also promote local industrial sectors. He said that balloting for the scheme was continuing in a transparent manner and that this process would be completed in all divisions by September 10. 


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