Monday, June 27, 2016

Old mid term paper of Virtual University HRM713, STAT730, HRM724 and Knowledge Management 730

HRM 713 Mid term paper on 5 Jun 16

There are question which are given below.
1. Situation based question narrating an employee is not ready to sign his/her ACR. You need to help HR manager to resolve the issue.
2. How PMS is holistic system?
3. Dilate on Prospective role of MBO?
4. Statement on Transparent PMS as a shield against lawsuits... correct/incorrect...justify?

STAT 730 mid term paper on 5 Jun 16

Total questions were 4 marks were 20. 
1. Stratified sampling and cluster saming difference 
2. Brief note on positivism 
3. Interesting question of literature review 
4. Imoortance of problem recognation in literature review?

Research 730 mid term paper on 5 Jun 16
Q1; write a brief note on positivism?
Q2; How a researcher knows that he has correctly recognized a problem?
Q3; What are the characteristic of a good literature review?
Q4; Determine which research design is most appropriate .
the researcher might choose to measure cholestrol level in daily walkers across two age groups over 40 and under 40 , and compare these along non walkers in the same age groups. they might even create sub-groups for gender. however they would not consider past or future cholestrol level.

conflict management HRM724 mid term paper on 5 Jun 16
1 _role of communications in conflits n how conflict handle successfully with communications?
2_ had u ever been experienced dysfunctional conflict?what happen? Why its not handle earlier?
3_ types of intrapersonal conflict?which one is very harmfull fr employee performance?
4_ explain empathy in context of promtive conflict or the one who is power full n other is powerless

Knowledge Management 730 Mid Term Papper on 05.06.16. All the questions are from the articles given in Module 1 & 2.
1: Being scholar of Knowledge Management one must be aware of the fields / areas of the research. Please write about any two areas of research in this field?
2: Describe the concept given by Nonaka & Ikajero presented in a model for product development within the organization? (the Concept of "Ba" Tacit and Explicit Knowledge)
3: How Nonaka tries to solve the dicotomy of Exploration & Exploitation?
4: What is "Dynamic Fractal Organization" theory? Answer in 3-4 lines ?

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Coursera R lab - Correlation and Regression Answers

Here are the answers of the R lab - Correlation and Regression of second week basic statistics coursera's online course you simply copy the r code from there and paste it and get 100 % results.


# Plot height and weight of the "women" dataset. Make the title "Heights and Weights"

plot(women$weight, women$height, main = "Heights and Weights")

Coursera Basic Statistics correlation and regression quiz 2 answers

Here is the solution of the Coursera quiz about correlation and regression of basic statistics online course it is second week quiz
1.  You want to visualise the results of a study. When assessing only one ordinal or nominal variable it is sufficient to use a (1) .... When looking at the relationship between two of these ordinal or nominal variables you'd better use a (2) .... When you're assessing the correlation between two continuous variables it's best to use a (3) ... Fill in the right words on the dots.
(1) Contingency table, (2) Scatterplot, (3) Frequency table

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Basic Principles of Finance and Risk Management first week QUIZ Solution

This course is created by Yale University on the website Coursera and
Taught by:    Robert Shiller, Sterling Professor of Economics at Yale University
Here is its complete solution

QUIZ Exploring Data 11 Questions Solution

Here is the solution for the Quiz of a online course Basic Statistics offered by the Coursera website. This quiz is first week quiz and solution is given below get 100% result all are right answers.

R lab - Exploring data Coursera Solution provided here

Here is solution of R lab of r lab exploring data of Basic Statistics which is offer by the online coursera website
Its solution is given below you can 100% result in R lab experiment

Financial Markets Yale University Coursera Quiz solution

   Read the whole post at the end you will get the answers of questions and get 90 % marks and if you want 100 % marks then comments below. Be with us we will upload all the quizzes answers.
   Basic Principles of Finance and Risk Management
  10 Questions
  1. What has been the average real return for short term governments in the United States historically?
a)      2.8 percent per annum
b)      4.8 percent per annum
c)       5.6 percent per annum
d)      1.5 percent per annum 
   2.  If x dollars are invested in a risky asset and 1-x dollars are invested in a riskless asset what is the expected return on this portfolio?
a)      Xr1;where r1 is the return of the risky asset
b)      Xr1+(1-x)rf; where is the return of the risky asset and rf is the return of the riskless asset
c)       (1-x)r1+xrf; where r1 is the return of the risky asset and rf is the return of the riskless asset

d)      Xrf+xr1; where r1 is the return of the risky asset and is the return of the riskless asset

Friday, June 24, 2016

How to find SIM Number Zong, Telenor, Jazz, Warid and Ufone

Here is the procedure which is describe below.
For Jazz
You can dial *99#
For Telenor
send empty sms to 7421

Monday, June 20, 2016

Some Information About Haven (Jannat)

Jannat is made with

Bricks of Gold and Silver.
Its cement is of perfumed Musk.
Its chips are pearls and Yaqoot. 
Its sand is Zafraan.
There are eight doors ofJannah. These are eight grades of Jannat

Different letter written by different politicians in Urdu تذکرہ کچھ خطوط کا

شاہنواز بھٹو کا خط مسٹر بوچ کے نام ۔۔۔۔۔۔Shah Nawaz Buhtto 's letter to Mrs Bouch
آزادی کے بعد جوناگڑھ کے نواب نے پاکستان کے ساتھ الحاق کا فیصلہ کیا تب ذولفقار علی بھٹو کے والد شاہنواز بھٹو نے انڈین حکومت کے نام ایک خط لکھا جس میں ان کو جوناگڑھ پر قبضہ کرنے کی دعوت دی۔ چونکہ شاہنواز بھٹو جوناگڑھ میں دیوان کے عہدے پر تھے تو انڈین حکومت نے اس خط کو قانونی جواز بناتے ہوئے جوناگڑھ پر حملہ کر دیا اور بزور طاقت اس پر قابض

Join Pakistan Navy on line Registration and selection centerers.

Here is the direct link for easiness of the people so they can apply directly from here as well as from Pakistan Navy official website

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Name of males, females and babies of different animals like Donkey Male: Jack, Female: Jenny, Child: Foal

1) Donkey ﮔﺩﮬﺍ - Male: Jack, Female:
Jenny, Child: Foal
2) Bear ﺭﯾﭽﮫ - Male: Boar, Female: Sow,
Child: Cub
3) Cat ﺑﻞﯽ - Male: Tom, Female: Queen,
Child: Kitten
4) Cattle ﮔﺍۓ - Male: Bull, Female: Cow,
Child: Calf
5) Chicken ﻣﺮﻍ - Male: Rooster or cock,
Female: Hen, Child: Chick

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Sindh Tax Free Budget 2016-2017 Increase in Salaries and Pension and New Jobs

Sindh budget of Rs 869 billion

The new fiscal year budget was Rs 869 billion for provincial volume of 2016-2017

The new budget has been special package of Rs 10 billion for Karachi.

Friday, June 10, 2016

CM Punjab unveils basic sketch of the upcoming budget for fiscal year 2016-17

CM Punjab unveils basic sketch of the upcoming budget for fiscal year 2016-17 -- which will mainly be focusing on Healthcare, quality Education & Agriculture.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Masal-e-Zakat Some important Questions

Online Pay slip for GB Council employees GBC

Here employees of GB Council can find there salary slip online here.

Online Pay slip for Govt of Gilgit-Bsltistan employees GB

Here employees of Gilgit-Bsltistan Govt can find there salary slip online here.

Online Pay slip for Govt of Kashmir employees

Here employees of Kasmir Govt can find there salary slip online here.


Here is Zakat information list how much zakat is deducted is given here starting from Rs 100 to Rs 2 caror