Saturday, June 11, 2016

Sindh Tax Free Budget 2016-2017 Increase in Salaries and Pension and New Jobs

Sindh budget of Rs 869 billion

The new fiscal year budget was Rs 869 billion for provincial volume of 2016-2017

The new budget has been special package of Rs 10 billion for Karachi.

Faisal Karachi Special Package highway expansion, astargyt and underpass construction project in Punjab intersection, while last year the scheme once the new pump has been Living Well then included in the budget.
In addition to S 3 and 4 project has been allocated in the budget

Increase salaries and pensions

17-2016 fiscal year budget in salaries and pensions of persons over 85 years of age has also announced a 10% increase.

New Jobs In Education and Police Department 2016-2017
Twenty thousand announced in Police Department, Department of Education has announced a total of ten thousand and fifty thousand jobs. Has been increased by 149% in the budget allocated for women's development, Rs 30 crore budget for the welfare of minorities. Gross revenue of Rs 61 to Rs 14 billion budget deficit is expected to be Rs 854 billion. Pakistan is gearing up to help collect your funds in tax and non-tax revenue of Rs 166 billion. 

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